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What is CleanApp?

CleanApp is the first application dedicated to professional cleaning. Within this application, we maintain all the systems, methods and cleaning tricks. They are not ours, these belong to the large cleaning companies that exist such as; Wetrok, Taski, and Kärcher among others.

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of cleaning systems, methods & tricks. CleanApp helps you to find the product, instrument and/or cleaning method best suited to your situation. You can buy the product that interests you through a link that you will see on the screen of the App.

Who is CleanApp for?

CleanApp is suitable for all private individuals and companies that have an interest in obtaining information quickly, digitally and reliably.

How does it work?

By clicking on the search engine and answering the three questions that appear on the screen.

1. What work will be done? (office, garage, or apartment)
2. What kind of cleaning? (weekly, daily, or monthly)
3. Manual or with the device?

Then you press the Apply button so that the app looks for the cleaning method including the products and the Guide to be able to perform the work correctly.

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